Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Not Enough Sex, Drugs, or Rock and Roll

I spent the weekend in Amsterdam...

This is the second time I've been there, and I really like the city.  It's a ton of fun and offers lots of sights to see.  Sadly this trip was not as fun as the last one, but I was with Brandon, my boyfriend and we stayed in a four star hotel.  So as any person can imagine, staying in an 18 person co-ed hostel is a bit of a step down, but I did not care...until I realized I was the only female in the packed room.  Needless to say, I was paranoid out of my mind that some man would try to crawl in bed with me!  I was tempted into asking Peter, my travel buddy to sleep in my bed to protect.  No worries though, I slept safely alone.

 As I have said, I traveled to Amsterdam with my friend Peter.  And let me just tell everyone never to go Amsterdam with someone of the opposite sex unless you are dating or they are gay.  Because I have never felt more awkward than I did walking through the red light district.  Don't be misled here, I thought the whole thing was funny and a little sad (because I can't imagine what would make anyone do that as a profession) but I was enjoying it for what it was.  Peter on the other hand was clearly so uncomfortable with me being there he hardly glanced at any of the woman!  Not that I was staring, but that was part of the fun I thought.  There are just too many things that he would have enjoyed so much more if I was a man.  

I would also like to let the world know, I can know spell appendicitis perfectly and without thought.  Why?  Because Peter was convinced he was dying of it the entire weekend.  He actually wanted to go to the hospital Saturday night, but I was having no part of that sort of shenanigans man.  Instead, I made him just go to bed and deal with it.  After returning to Florence, whining for a day, and a trip to the hospital, he is fine.  Just a hypochondriac.  And sad to say, after separating myself from the entire experience and no longer trying to make the best of it, it was probably one of the worst trips I've taken.  I did go to the Van Gough museum, chill out, take a break from life, and have some really cool conversations though.  And all of these were awesome and just what I needed.  I just hope if I ever go back to Amsterdam, it is with my parents and siblings, because that would be a really fucking good time.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Venice

So it took me way to long to post this, but what can you do?