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Oh Italian School!!

Allora, I am breaking my tradition of only comics to put up this post, but it is very necessary.  In the last ten weeks of school in bella Italia, I have noticed several funny fashion trends in the fashion school I attend.  
     Firstly, there are a group of Swedish girls that go to school with me, but three of them stick out in particular.  Two have this really unique and awesome high fashion punk look going for them.  Like pencil skirts with funky button ups and chokers with heavy eye make up.  The one has a really neat face, as odd as that sounds, strawberry blonde hair with circular eyes, chubby cheeks, and her septum pierced.  She also has a sweet tattoo on her forearm of like, a flower explosion.  I really want to take a picture of these two, but I have enough against me being an unfashionable American, I don't want to add crazy to the list.  But then there is the third Swede, and she looks like stepped straight out of the 80's.  High waisted "mom pants" as Niki as dubbed them (baggy in the ass that taper to a tight ankle) are a staple of hers.  A common outfit is one I like to call "First Matey."  She will pair her "mom pants" with blue keds, and a white tee shirt, tucked in with a funny looking belt.  The real gem of this outfit is the tee shirt has printed upon it the tie thing of a sailor's outfit, with the illusion of another shirt beneath it.  Here is the closest image I could find of it.  Imagine blue with stripes on the "undershirt." 
She honestly wears this outfit once a week.
      Next I would like to mention one of the other North Americans, named Chantal.  Yes Chantal.  She is from Mexico, but you would never guess is unless she is speaking.  She has that "I really want to look white" image about her.  Which I can never understand being as I am white, and a pasty white at that.  She has bleach blonde hair and an expression that just screams "squirrel."  Here is my interpretation...

I have never seen her without heels or a touch of gold in her ensemble.  For the first eight weeks I don't think she repeated an outfit.  Which is both impressive and disgusting.  Her color palette consists of white, gold, and brown, with an occasional shirt that looks like a rainbow vomited on her.  She also owns a gold headband that she wears often.  But not a headband to keep the hair out of her eyes, no no, it is a "gold crown of thorns, like Jesus wore" as Niki just told me.  Ridiculous.
      I will finish the post with the girl who I think puts the most work into her hair of anyone at my school, which trust me, is quite a competition.  I do not know where she is from sadly, but if I find out I will let you know.  This woman seriously comes to school everyday with her hair teased up about 6 inches above her scalp, with it just pulled back.  Clearly the height is the main focus.  How she isn't bald, I will never know.  She also has a self imposed uniform.  She wears either blue or black sheer stockings, ankle boots, and a long sleeved loose fitting dress, with either blue or black thin stripes with thick white stripes.  How she has suck a variety of these dresses, I will also never know, but I am nonetheless impressed with the consistency.
     Well that about wraps it up man.  I will spend the next week attempting stealth photography to capture these women in their prime until then, use your imagination...

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Last Birthday Post

Sorry it took so long, blogger was fighting me, but I think we're ok now.

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Jazz Club

But wait! There's more!

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The start of 22

Stay Tuned for more Birthday Fun from your favorite cartoon...

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