Saturday, January 31, 2009

Six Weeks Later

So it has been six weeks since I left Italy and I still haven't written anything, so I figured it's about time I did.  I've attempted several times, but just couldn't think of what to say.  Allora, I will write a list because that's what I do best.  

I was sad to go and happy to be leaving.
I didn't improve my Italian skills enough.
Baby-sitting Tori was one of my favorite things about being there.  

Fiats are awesome.
I need to move out of America for an extended period of time.
I prefer life without a microwave.
I never want to go four months with out theatre again.
Brandon is an even better boyfriend then I thought, and I already had a high opinion of him.
Hazelnut and Pistachio are my favorite gelati.
Nothing depressed me more than life without my cat.
Apparently, the two movies I can't live without are The Big Lebowski and The AristoCats.
I never cooked better food than when I was in Italy.
I'm so much more antisocial then I like to pretend.
Drunk Sunday was one of the highlights of time abroad.
The only thing better then The Fresh Prince theme song is the Italian version.  
I love kebabs and falafels, even if I can't spell them.
I am like 2 steps away from being a cat lady.

Now that I've done this I can start posting new things.  It just didn't feel right before.