Friday, May 1, 2009

My Best Skill

So I have learned that my best skill, in the entire world, is the art of procrastination.  My lack of posts in several months is a testament to this skill.  It does me no good, but I continue to master it.  I have a comic from a few months ago I need to finish and then I'll put it up.  Promise!

Instead of leaving you with that totally boring and unnecessary bit above as my return to blogging, I will tell you my latest misadventure in life...

About 2 weeks ago I was walking home from the train station, as I'm prone to do as a pedestrian, when some young guy ran up and tried to snatch my purse!  Now, if you know me, you know I am two things, poor and bad ass.  Combine those with a direct attack on my persons, and you have yourself quite a story.  
When this guy tried to yank my bag and yelled, "Give it to me" I responded with a frightened, yet heartfelt "No!"  He then proceeded to punch me in the head and push me to the ground.  No worries though, he punched like a girl.  As I hit the ground though, I regained my abilities of action.  I tried to kick him in the nuts, a move I find unacceptable except in cases like these, but missed kicking his thigh instead.  So I tried to kick him in the knee this time, all the while he is punching me, then I pepper sprayed his dumb ass!  He fell into a bush and I ran home.  

I eventually called the police and spent a good chunk of time crying from shock and fear.  But every cop I talked to that night (and I talked to like seven) said the same thing to me, "It must have felt good to spray him."  

They are correct.