Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Job Offer I Never Expected

So I am convinced that there is a little magnet inside of me that attracts all of the craziest people. Friday afternoon I was talking to people near the Liberty Bell for the Theatre Alliance. I approached an older lady to ask her if she enjoyed theatre, which she loves musicals. I asked if she would like to sit on our Couch, and talk about what she loved about it, and she was unsure. What she was sure about was my "great personality." She then informed me that her company was hiring if I was interested. Out of curiosity I had to ask, "What do you do?" "Oh, I'm a sex phone operator."

I was honestly taken aback. Not only had I just been offered a job as a sex phone operator, but was this 60 year old lady really what was on the other end of those calls? And is this really a line of work that is lucrative? I mean with the internet, you can get all of this stuff for free, so why pay, like $1.99 a minute?

There was still a bunch of chatting with other people to do. And this lady, whose name I cannot remember, sat on a bench nearby the entire time. Whenever I had a lull in people, she would bring up her work again! She told me she makes good money, and it's easy. I had to know, "What are you making?" "$7.50" "An hour?" "Yeah, I clear about $1000 a month. You could do it."

Now, there is no way I can agree with either of her statements. $7.50 an hour is terrible and there is no way I could do that. Her response? "Honey, I'm 65 and I can do it. Whatever it takes to pay the bills."

Sometimes, the strangest people just want to talk to me and I'm not sure why.


Anonymous said...


all i could think was this is why i find you so dear... life is completely screwed up but like you said...youre a fighter.

the queen

niki.mac said...


having lived in the same room as your for 4 moths... i can attest that you do have a very soothing attractive voice. but phone sex operator?? not so much! lol